Abstract XXX rug in navy and coffee gestural lines on cream background

“The first time I saw a hand tufted rug I was smitten. It was beautiful, sumptuous, intensely coloured, wonderfully thick and heavy.

I made my first rug over 25 years ago. It has moved house with me several times and is still on my living room floor looking great. I use a Hoffman hand tufting gun that injects the threads through the backing fabric which is stretched tightly on a substantial wooden frame. The designs are drawn onto the backing fabric, this gives great flexibility with form and shape. The pile height can vary from 16mm to 45mm by changing the needle through which the threads are fed.

Energy, colour and movement are my driving forces. I am also rather fond of seeds, pods and fruits. All these elements find their way into my work. I work quickly – sketching gestural marks and fluid lines. When I am happy with a composition I transfer it onto the backing fabric then refer to my large palette of wools for colour inspiration. By using different threads, from thick hairy rough wool to fine natural silks and isla wool, a wide variety of lines marks and textures can be achieved. Once the rug is finished the threads are held in place using latex glue and a backing fabric is added.

Each piece of floor art is individual and handmade by me.”


Preparing for the Exhibition:

Moulin du Rabois, Argenton-Sur-Creuse

February 10 – March 12 2023

Previous exhibitions.

Summer 2019 exhibition at L’Art au Manoir organised by the collective Artnithorynque. Manoir de la Grand Cour, Taden

Exhibition at Anciennes Halles in Saint-Briac sur Mer, Brittany 2017
In 2017 I exhibited at Anciennes Halles de Saint-Briac sur Mer,
Rue de la Mairie,35800.
in collaboration with Martine Hardy

Telephone:   Martine Hardy 0627653084      Annette Turner 0695747083.

Exhibition at Atelier Le Clos de Puits in St. Pern, Brittany  2016

I have completed a series of twelve rugs titled ‘I’m on a Road to Nowhere’ which were exhibited in the gallery ‘Le Clos de Puits’, St. Pern, Brittany. Each rug is 75cm square. The rugs can be placed next to each other in any order as there is a black line (road) in the centre of most sides of each square. This gives great flexibility to the overall shape of the rug. Each rug can stand as an individual piece or be combined with any number of the other eleven rugs in the series. Have fun playing and changing the ‘Road to Nowhere’.

Atelier Le Clos du Puits

35190 Saint Pern, Brittany

0033 299 66 70 63




0033 296 86 44 55


London agent: Herbert Ling – dougieling@icloud.com

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I live and work in the French countryside near Dinan, Brittany. My studio houses my frame and a large selection of wool and silks.

cones of wool on shelvesfrom garden looking into studio

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